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Build a good relationship between landlord and tenant with these tips for good inpection practice.

Best Practice for Landlord InspectionsAlthough legally there are no restrictions on how often you inspect your tenanted property, and few official guidelines on what exactly your inspection should cover, here are a few good practices you can follow to build a great relationship between you and your tenants.

How often is reasonable?

Some Landlords (or their agents) only inspect if they suspect a problem, or each time a tenant moves out. Others inspect every month! Excessive inspection/entry requests without a very good reason (ie, tenants have proven bad behaviour, or there is a maintenance issue that legally must be addressed and requires multiple entries) can lead to a breakdown in landlord/tenant relations and even legal charges of harassment against you.

It’s normal to conduct 1-2 inspections in the first 6 months of a new tenancy and then every 6-12 months afterwards.

You should always give at least 24 hours notice of any inspection and try to arrange it for a time convenient to your tenants.

Find out more about where you stand legally at

Can you insist the tenants keep the place spotless?

Unfortunately no. The rental property is your tenant’s private home and although it must be clean and tidy on the day they move out, before that point it is up to them how often they clean the bathroom! Unless low standards of cleanliness are leading to damage to the fixtures and fittings (ie, staining carpets to the point they will need replacing), it’s not your concern.

When you or your agent inspect the property, it is to check that no repairs are necessary, that your tenants are happy and feel any issues have been promptly and properly addressed and to ensure that tenants are not breaching the terms of their tenancy agreement (ie, subletting, keeping pets, running a business or growing illegal substances in the attic!).

The Benefits for Tenants and Landlords

Landlord inspections are a good opportunity to spot any repairs needed or other things that may need attention. Some tenants may be reluctant to flag up little problems before they become major repairs! It’s also a chance for you to show that you are a responsible landlord and build a good relationship with your tenant.

So follow our advice to become a Better Letter (or make sure your agent is acting as you would wish)!

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