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Are you ready for your next step as a Letting Agent?

Better Letter letting agent partner opportunityAre you an employed Letting Agent who’d like more independence, but still to retain the security of working with an established firm?

Maybe you’re an experienced PRS landlord with the property management experience to support less experienced landlords?

Or perhaps you’re a quick learner, a self-starter who’s looking for a career change?

The Better Letter has known Oxford and Oxfordshire for over 20 years

We are an established company and we want to expand – but we can’t do it alone. That’s why we are looking for partners to cover our territories outside of Oxford City. Partners who share our values:

Better Letter Values

1. Transparency

We may not charge the lowest fees, but that’s because we don’t cut corners. We make all our fees clear to our landlords and tenants up front. No hidden charges, no sneaky surprises.

2. Reliability

Over 20 years, we have built a network of reliable, honest tradespeople who support our clients and provide repairs and maintenance swiftly and at a reasonable price.

3. Responsibility

We keep abreast of the ever-changing legislation that affects landlords, so we can advise our clients and protect them from falling into illegal practices unwittingly (as so many accidental landlords do!).

Being a Better Letter

So what is involved in becoming a part of The Better Letter family?

There are three territories on offer:

-    Banbury (6,831 rental properties in the area)
-    Witney (7,930 rental properties in the area)
-    Abingdon (8266 rental properties in the area)

The above numbers are an indication of the total number of properties rented in the area by all agents and landlords – so they give you a good idea of the potential in each market. And these numbers were recorded in the 2011 census – before the recent rental boom – so numbers now are even higher and growing every day.

Each territory is available to you to trade as a Better Letter partner for a low entry fee of £1000 +VAT.

What do you get?

For your £1000 +VAT commitment, as well as the benefits of working under an established name, you get:

-    Full training
-    Most sales costs covered (inc. rightmove, ‘To Let’ boards, photography, floor plans, etc**)
-    Your financial admin taken care of
-    50% commission on the profit from each let
-    Your £1000 refunded IN FULL on your 10th let

There’s also the opportunity for high-achieving ‘Better Letter’ stars to move to a favourable 80/20% split on the profit from each let*.

So if you are interested in becoming a Better Letter, contact me personally and we can discuss any questions you might have about joining us. I’ve been running The Better Letter in Oxford for over 20 years, so no-one can answer your queries better than me!


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Simon Fisher, MD The Better Letter

*Subject to a monthly minimum fee to The Better Letter.

** Does not include mileage, business phone costs or non-branded stationery. Full details will be outlined in the partnership agreement.

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